Our Story

from a dream to reality...

Wioletta Newcomb-CEO (right), with her teacher Alice Encinas Duvernell (left) and their daughters.

Pure Botanica Soul was started by Wioletta Newcomb and her apprentice Kim Mikiel to share the healing benefits of their favorite natural homemade health and wellness products with their friends and their community. They've grown from a locally recognized small business to a worldwide producer of 100% natural cures.

Gardening and herb raising were always more than a simple hobby for Wioletta growing up. Her mom, always an inspiration to her, always seemed to have the most beautiful gardens. Her knowledge about plants and herbs was vast, and not just limited to growing. When Wioletta would fall, or get hurt, her mom would always have something on hand, some remedy she knew that would fix everything. Wioletta decided she would follow in her moms footsteps, and share the blessings of 100% pure, natural care. Fifteen years ago, in California, Wioletta started her journey, learning to be an herbalist. She took classes with a very good teacher Alice Encinas Duvernell in Point Richmond California. That was the beginning of her distillation and plant extraction. She studied everything from the schools of California, to the gardens of North Carolina when she moved here.

Wioletta's goal is to share her knowledge, all that she has learned, and to bring to others these 100% natural, pure products directly to you.